The Church

I believe that no other organization has the impact like the local church! Jesus came to transform our lives and when we gather, the work of the enemy has no place. 

I've worked as a youth pastor at James River Church in Springfield, MO (10,000), helped plant Summit Park Church in Lee's Summit, MO (1,800) as the Connects Pastor and recently served as an Associate Pastor at Eagle Creek Church (1,600).

If you're in need of someone to give you a breather for a Sunday, I can help. I'll encourage your church and leave you refreshed as well. Just click the link below and let's connect!

Also check out some of my recent messages. 

I'm married to an amazing woman! She loves sushi, yoga and ice skating.

We've always been connected in the local church. I've served in full-time ministry for 12 years.

Our kids are our jam! Ella is 9 and Mack is 7. They are endless fun!